Covid-19 and fashion choices

Lockdown has impacted both individual and professional lives in a way or another. It won’t be wrong to say that our lives have taken a big turn and everything we would do in our normal routine back then is changed now.
When we say the lockdown has CHANGED everything, clothing is no exception.
Let’s see what’s happening to our fashion choices as the virus has limited our social life. And if there is any difference in the way we dress now.

Dressing Style during Lockdown
The Covid-19 Pandemic has dramatically shifted the fashion choices of many people all over the world.
Do you find loungewear comfortable now? Will you continue it after the lockdown?
Maybe YES!
From shirts, coats, ties, and cufflinks to skirts and high heels, every formal outfit is locked in your wardrobe now. So, the dress code during the lockdown is CASUAL.
This lockdown demands us to stay at home and take precautions from the deadly virus. Even people have started working from home that means you can stay in pajamas all day long.
Moreover, there are no social gatherings, so if you used to dress up for get-togethers, this lockdown has taken that chance too.
I guess there is no going back to normal with our clothing choices even after the lockdown ends.
In these pandemic days, ‘glamour’ has been lost while we were adjusting to this new life. Even in the post-pandemic world, there shall be no place for glamour as people have embraced minimalistic clothing throughout this phase.

Insights of Fashion Experts
Luxury retailers and fashion industry experts are noticing that casual wear has been the favorite choice of buyers throughout the lockdown. So, it’s now clear that it is not only you who’s loving the casual home clothes. It has been everybody’s favorite these days.
Tiffany Hsu, fashion buying director at Mytheresa says, “Luxury loungewear, tracksuits, and activewear have definitely become more and more in demand.”
Therefore, there is an increased sale of comfortable clothes, as you know comfort is the key. While staying indoors, we can keep ourselves as comfortable as we want.”
Francesca Muston, VP of fashion content at WGSN, says that sportswear and casual clothes are multifunctional. You can wear them whether you are working out, going for grocery shopping, or having a lazy day at home. She further explains that she can see this dressing style to take over the normal clothing even after the lockdown ends.

Fashion Industry during Lockdown
The fashion industry has suffered a huge setback in these testing times. The sellers are looking for options to maintain their position after the lockdown.
However, the trend of online shopping has accelerated and we can see a spike in people trusting online stores for their clothes. Clothing stores are noticing the shifting trend and they realize that the comfortable clothing trend is going to stay for long.

Casual Wear Is the New Cool
If you scroll through Tiktok, you will be amazed to see the chunky sweatpants, vests, and indoor sneakers all over the feed. Not to forget the flawless skin- we are just used to effortless fashion and the radiant spotless skin.
Even when the lockdown restrictions are lifted, people are going to find comfort in this shaggy pants and tank tops. Rather than choosing formalwear.
There are many reasons why we have turned to sportswear, such as comfort. However, one big reason is that we need a change in our wardrobe. If you think it doesn’t make a difference, you are wrong.
I think people have become relaxed during this lockdown phase. They are focusing more on their mental and physical wellbeing. It has turned their clothing choices to casual wear.

Sustainable Fashion Choices
Because of this pandemic, more and more people are switching towards a sustainable life. Since the mother earth is healing, there is a drastic shift towards eco-friendly clothing options.
We can see that people will go for sustainable and eco-friendly clothing choices post lockdown as well.
You can still look good and wear your favorite fashion by choosing sustainable fabrics. Different brands are working on this trend and it is perhaps a good initiative. From the fashion world, sustainable clothing is a token for love for the planet.
Talking about shoes, people are more interested in slip-on, flats, and easy shoes that can be used post-lockdown. We hope this fashion scene will be the same after the lockdown is over.

Wrapping it Up
So, we can say that the experience of lockdown will change the way we dress forever. That’s what we have noticed from the shopping choices of people over a few months. Let’s see what the future brings.
For now, casual is the new normal.
But one thing is for sure, we would love these casual wear and sports clothes to make a permanent place in our wardrobes. And if fashion choices take a turn like this, dressing up is going to be easier and more fun.