Perfectly style every tight

“Should I wear black opaque tights with red skirts?”
“What about fishnet tights?”
“What will make a perfect combo with sandals?”

Women always find it hard to make a choice when it comes to dressing, and tights are no exception.
How to pick the right? What will make an outstanding combination with your outfit, sandals, and even socks?
Let’s have a look at the TIGHTS- and help you decide when is the right time to wear what.

What Type of Tights Should You Choose to Wear?
Nylon, cotton, ultra-thin, opaque, black, skin, colored… so many options. But the main criterion is always the density, thread elasticity, and structure. They are measured in denier. The greater the value of the denier, the thicker the material. The density of tights can range from 5 (spider web) to 400 (knight armor) denier.
Now there comes the structure that can be:
Single covered yarn. Disposable tights, torn from a single touch, and don’t keep their shape.
Doubled covered yarn. Tights having main elastic thread braided with two thin threads. More robust and don’t rip immediately while they can withstand a small run.
Multi-filament Lycra Yarn. It’s a high-tech fiber that contains numerous tiny fibers- ranging from 1.5 to 5 denier each. It is ultra-soft and silky and less prone to runs.

Wearing Black Tights and Stockings
Though considered an odd choice for the daytime back then, black tights are one element that is a part of every woman’s wardrobe now.
These tights are an appropriate choice for clothing styles such as drama and grunge. However, for business wardrobe, you can replace black tights with options like thin gray one or thick, matte black.
When in doubt, go with opaque black tights. They look good with every dress and on everyone.
Now another question comes- what to combine with black tights?
They go well with short dresses and skirts in colors like black, gray, and red. Wearing either sandals or boots with black tights makes an appropriate combination.

What to Wear with Colored Tights?
You need to be extra cautious when choosing colored tights. First decide which color will go well with your legs- blue, green, purple, or yellow.
Wearing colored tights with a black dress can turn it into a unique, edgy outfit- anywhere in the streets or on runways.
If you want to create excellent color harmony, combine colored tights with colors other than black.
For instance, navy blue dress with burgundy tights, and oxfords will create a CLASSIC harmony.
If you like BOHO harmony, go with multicolor prints, purple skirts, olive tights, mustard scarf, and leather booties.
The options are endless. Be creative, try different combinations, and go with one that goes well with your personality.

Be Careful When Choosing Effect Tights
Effect tights can veeeery well emphasize the legs. You have three options when it comes to effect tights.

1. Back Seam Tights
These tights are inspired by the seam of ancient stocking when seam was a symbol of FEMINITY. During world war II, ladies used back seam tights to create an illusion of stockings.
But they are still a turn-on today because they’re quite sexy. You can wear them with an elegant dress to avoid being grunge.
Make sure that your seam tights are smooth because a curve seam looks horrible. You can achieve this by picking high-quality stockings.

2. Fishnet Tights
Fishnet tights can create a retro look and beautiful legs. But like seam, you have to be careful with them too.
Nude fishnets like white, black, and even red are some favorites of fashion gurus. However, combine them with an elegant and classic outfit to avoid being tacky. And remember that tights with large mesh are not for business wear.

3. Pattern Tights
If you choose to wear them wisely, pattern tights can look insanely gorgeous. But, if you make an odd combo, they will make eyes turn off too quickly.
They are a comfortable choice for everyday wear at home. Or when going to a party with friends.
However, it’s a big NO for the office. And pairing pattern tights to an outfit containing pattern is also a no-no.

What to Wear for Business Looks?
As discussed above, a conservative business style does not allow fishnet tights or pattern tights.
So, you should choose tights with a neutral tone for a business quit that should be combined with the natural texture of a smooth and matte design.

What is One Type of Tights that Goes Well with Everything?
No matter dress type, color, or even shoes, there is one universal tight that goes well with everything you wear- impractical silky NUDE TIGHTS.
Nude tights match the tone of your skin quite well. So, if you are in a hurry and can’t find the time to decide between various options, go with this type.

With this, we have come to an end. I hope you find this article helpful when trying to match your favorite dress with the right tights. All you have to do is to maintain the balance and harmony of looks.